WSJ Analysis Reveals Hamas Training for Complex Attack Mirrored Tactics Used in October 7 Israeli Base Incursions

Recent analysis of publicly available training videos and social media posts indicates that the Hamas-led coalition of Palestinian militant groups, known as the Joint Room, openly prepared for the tactics used in the October 7th attack on Israel for years. These preparations, including breaching border fences and simulating military base raids and hostage scenarios, were displayed in a series of annual training exercises. Despite being visible to the public and media, Israeli officials did not take action to prevent the tactics that resulted in a tragic attack with over 1200 Israeli casualties.

  • The October 7th attack by Hamas on Israel was preceded by years of public training and preparation visible in social media videos.
  • Hamas and other Palestinian militants part of the Joint Room coalition shared videos on Telegram showing annual training exercises since December 2020.
  • Training videos depicted activities such as blowing up border fences, raiding military bases, taking hostages, and using convoys of white pickup trucks.
  • The trainings occurred openly in Gaza, sometimes near Israeli border crossings, and were covered by various media outlets.
  • In 2023, Joint Room militants demonstrated increased sophistication and moved their annual training event to mid-September.
  • Israeli officials seemed to have missed the warnings in these videos that mirrored the tactics used in the October 7th attacks.
  • Footage shows militants practicing breaching border fences, a key tactic in the actual attacks.
  • Militants created mock IDF bases to perfect their raiding tactics, as shown in training exercises and the actual attack.
  • During the October 7th attacks, militants took more than 200 Israeli civilians and soldiers hostage, a scenario rehearsed in their trainings.
  • Organized convoys of white pickup trucks used in the attacks were seen in training videos just weeks prior to the actual event.
  • The IDF’s response to inquiries about preventative measures was that they are focused on eliminating the threat from Hamas and will address such questions later.
  • Israeli officials did not effectively respond to the visible warnings, leading to the deadliest attacks in the country’s history.

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