WSJ Analysis: Kim Jong Un’s Fashion Choices Reflect North Korea’s Shifting Image

The recent analysis of Kim Jong Un’s attire across various public appearances offers insights into North Korea’s state and the image its leader seeks to project to the world. Observing the evolution of Kim’s wardrobe choices, from Mao suits to western-style outfits, experts see a narrative that aligns with North Korea’s political messaging. The shift from traditional clothing to more modern, Western-influenced looks correlates with the country’s focus on military development and signals a distinct persona that Kim Jong Un is crafting for himself separate from his predecessors.

  • Kim Jong Un’s public appearances are carefully staged, with his attire often sending symbolic messages.
  • His wardrobe has evolved from Mao suits, which align with North Korean identity, to Western suits for domestic events, suggesting a global and forward-moving image.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kim’s less frequent public outings and noticeable weight loss were framed domestically as a shared sacrifice with the people of North Korea.
  • Recent appearances featuring military attire and modern, Western-influenced looks point towards a focus on military development and a shift in Kim’s personal leadership style.
  • The change in Kim’s fashion, including the adoption of sunglasses and a black leather jacket, indicates an attempt to establish a unique, contemporary image distinct from his father and grandfather.

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