Ecuador President Declares ‘State of War’ Against Drug Gangs Amidst Unprecedented Violence

Ecuador is facing a significant escalation in violence, with President Daniel Naboa declaring the country to be at war with drug gangs. The crisis intensified with a series of bomb attacks, hostage-taking of over 130 prison officers by inmates, and a dramatic live broadcast raid on a TV station by armed gang members in the city of Guayaquil. Tourists have been advised to stay indoors, and non-essential travel is discouraged. President Naboa has imposed a state of emergency, a curfew, and designated 22 gangs as terrorist organizations, directing the military to neutralize them.

  • Ecuador President declares state of war against drug gangs following a surge of violence.
  • Over 130 prison officers held hostage and notorious drug lord Adul Masas Vamar, alias Fito, escapes from prison.
  • Armed groups linked to cartels have launched bomb attacks and raided a live TV broadcast in Guayaquil, taking hostages.
  • Tourists warned to stay indoors, with all but essential travel being discouraged.
  • President Daniel Naboa imposes state of emergency and curfew, designates 22 gangs as terrorist organizations.
  • Military ordered to “neutralize” these gangs, which President Naboa refers to as terrorists.
  • Violence and rioting have led to shutdowns of schools, businesses, and eruptions of chaos in prisons.
  • Two prison guards arrested for allegedly aiding the escape of gang leader Fito.
  • Public fear escalates as security concerns grow amidst the violence.
  • The crisis is viewed as a result of years-long issues, with Ecuador transitioning from one of Latin America’s safest nations to one of the most violent.

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