UK and US Navies Thwart Houthi Rebels’ Largest Attack on Red Sea Shipping Lanes

US and UK naval forces have successfully repelled what is described as the largest Houthi attack on shipping lanes in the Red Sea. Over 20 missiles and drones, believed to be provided by Iran to the Houthi rebels, were intercepted and destroyed. The attack did not result in any injuries or damage to the British warship HMS Diamond, its crew, or any cargo ships. The incident signifies an escalation in the region, with concerns over the potential interruption of a significant global trade route.

  • UK and US navies repelled the largest Houthi rebel attack on Red Sea shipping lanes to date.
  • Over 20 missiles and drones were shot down, with no casualties or damage reported.
  • Iran is suspected of providing significant support to Houthi rebels, including weapons and radar systems.
  • The precise location of the incident is undisclosed, but it occurred within the strategic Red Sea waters.
  • Defense Secretary Grant Shapps stressed the importance of keeping global trade routes open and free from terrorist threats.
  • This was the 26th attack on Red Sea shipping by the Houthis since the conflict in Gaza began.
  • Western nations had issued a final warning to the Houthis on January 3rd, demanding a halt to such attacks.
  • The British warship HMS Diamond shot down seven drones, each interception carrying a significant cost.
  • International pressure is mounting, with potential military action hinted by the UK’s Defense Secretary.
  • The UN Security Council is set to vote on a resolution demanding an immediate stop to the Houthi attacks.
  • The Houthis vow to continue their attacks until Israel allows full humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.

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