Russian Military Plane Carrying 65 Ukrainian POWs Shot Down with No Survivors

A Russian military transport plane was reportedly shot down by Ukraine, resulting in no survivors among the 74 individuals on board, which included 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war and crew members. Russia has accused Ukraine of a “barbaric act of terrorism” and is calling for an emergency session of the UN Security Council to discuss the incident. Ukraine’s military intelligence has not confirmed the presence of prisoners on board and has criticized Russia for not providing information about the airspace, which is standard procedure for prisoner exchanges. Tensions escalate as both sides present conflicting narratives.

  • A Russian military transport plane carrying 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war and 9 crew members was shot down, leaving no survivors.
  • Russia accuses Ukraine of the downing, labeling it a “barbaric act of terrorism.”
  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov blames Ukraine for the crash and calls for an emergency UN Security Council session.
  • The BBC has verified video footage showing the aircraft and its subsequent explosion.
  • Ukrainian military intelligence lacks reliable information about the plane’s occupants and criticizes Russia for not coordinating on airspace safety.
  • Ukraine suggests the incident may indicate Russia’s deliberate endangerment of Ukrainian prisoners.
  • Ukraine’s official response includes an implicit acknowledgment of shooting down the plane but stops short of confirming the presence of prisoners on board.
  • Russia has been quick to claim Ukrainian prisoners were on the plane and hints at a deliberate attack by Ukraine.
  • Both sides are engaged in an information war, with Russia having a history of disinformation tactics.
  • If confirmed, the loss of Ukrainian prisoners of war would be devastating for their families.

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