President Biden Plans Tiered Response to Drone Attack in Jordan That Killed Three US Service Members

President Joe Biden has decided on the US response to the drone attack in Jordan that resulted in the deaths of three service members and injuries to at least 40 individuals. National Security spokesman John Kirby indicated that the response would be tiered, aimed at degrading the capabilities of the groups responsible for the attack and sending a message to their supporters, particularly the IRGC. Brad Bowman from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies emphasized the need for a strong response to restore deterrence and cautioned against only targeting proxies without addressing the role of the IRGC.

  • President Joe Biden has chosen a response to the recent drone attack in Jordan that killed three service members and injured at least 40.
  • The response is expected to be tiered and aimed at degrading the capabilities of the attackers while sending a clear message to their supporters, such as the IRGC.
  • Brad Bowman, a senior director at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, called for a strong response to restore deterrence and warned against perceiving American restraint as weakness.
  • Bowman also suggested a need to strike at the IRGC and not just the proxies to effectively counter Iran’s strategic use of proxy forces in the region.
  • There is concern that a too weak or too strong response could either fail to restore deterrence or complicate diplomatic processes, respectively.
  • Protection of American forces in anticipation of potential retaliation is also a critical aspect of the response strategy.

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