Nairobi Gas Explosion: Three Dead, Nearly 300 Injured in Residential Area Incident

A gas explosion in Nairobi, Kenya, has led to the deaths of three individuals and injuries to nearly 300 others. The tragic incident occurred when a lorry carrying gas exploded in a densely populated residential area just before midnight on Thursday. Emergency services and firefighters rushed to the scene to address the fire and evacuate the affected residents. The extent of the destruction and the community’s concern are palpable as the authorities work to uncover the cause of the blast.

  • Nearly 300 people injured and three confirmed dead in Nairobi gas explosion.
  • The explosion resulted from a lorry carrying gas that caught fire in a residential area.
  • Incident occurred just before midnight on Thursday, during a time when many families were at home.
  • Emergency services and firefighters were dispatched to the scene to combat the fire and manage the situation.
  • Witnesses reported severe damage, with a victim recounting being knocked down by an exploding gas cylinder.
  • Government spokesperson indicated that the incident involved a lorry refilling gas cylinders when the fire broke out.
  • Questions have been raised by the community about the presence of gas filling operations in a residential area.
  • Authorities are still in the early stages of investigation to determine the cause of the explosion.

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