President Biden Expresses Hope for Ceasefire in Israel-Gaza Conflict by Next Week

President Joe Biden has expressed hope for a ceasefire in the ongoing Israel-Gaza war by the beginning of next week. The statement comes amid reports that Israel has agreed in principle to refrain from military activities against Hamas in the Gaza Strip during Ramadan. Negotiations continue, with talks in Paris proposing a 40-day ceasefire and a prisoner exchange deal. While positive signs have emerged, the US President acknowledged that an agreement has not yet been finalized.

  • U.S. President Joe Biden optimistic about a ceasefire in Israel-Gaza conflict by next week.
  • Israel has agreed in principle to a halt in military activities against Hamas during Ramadan.
  • Reuters reports a draft proposal from Gaza talks in Paris, suggesting a 40-day ceasefire and a prisoner exchange.
  • Potential exchange could involve 400 Palestinian prisoners for 40 Israeli hostages, with a release ratio of 10 to 1.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains committed to an assault on Gaza’s city of Rafah irrespective of any deal.
  • Negotiations include the involvement of Qatari and Egyptian mediators, with a focus on a pause for hostages deal before Ramadan.
  • The Paris framework may include increased aid and repairs to essential services in Gaza.
  • The upcoming Muslim holy month of Ramadan is a key factor influencing the urgency of negotiations.
  • Arab leaders have expressed concern over the potential regional impact if fighting continues during Ramadan.
  • While Biden’s comments are the most positive yet, the finalization of a ceasefire agreement remains pending.

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