Haiti Imposes State of Emergency Following Massive Jailbreaks and Escalating Violence

Haiti has declared a 72-hour state of emergency in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas following two major jailbreaks, resulting in the escape of approximately 4,000 inmates. The country’s capital, now largely controlled by gangs, witnessed significant violence, including at least 12 deaths, as the security situation deteriorated. This comes after Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s trip to Nairobi to discuss the possibility of a Kenyan-led multinational security force in Haiti. Amidst the chaos, some inmates reportedly chose to stay in prison for safety and legal reasons, particularly those involved in high-profile cases such as the assassination of the Haitian president.

  • A state of emergency and curfew have been declared in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, following two significant jailbreaks.
  • Approximately 4,000 inmates escaped from the capital’s main prison, now under the control of gangs.
  • The recent outbreak of violence resulted in at least 12 fatalities.
  • The crisis began to escalate when Prime Minister Ariel Henry was in Nairobi discussing a potential Kenyan-led security force for Haiti.
  • Some inmates, particularly those with high-profile cases, chose to stay in prison to avoid additional legal issues or potential harm.
  • Details on the arrival of the multinational security aid are still unclear, and the interim Prime Minister has taken charge in the absence of Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

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