US to Build Temporary Pier for Aid Delivery in Gaza, Asserts President Biden

In a significant development, the US will establish a temporary pier off the Gaza coast to facilitate increased aid delivery to Palestinians. President Biden emphasized that humanitarian aid should never be used as leverage and reiterated his support for a two-state solution as the only viable path to ensure security and democracy for Israel and dignity and peace for Palestinians. The details of the pier’s operation include Israeli security checks in Cyprus and US military oversight, but without a US military presence on the ground in Gaza.

  • US President Biden has ordered the construction of a temporary pier off Gaza’s coast to increase aid delivery.
  • Biden warned that humanitarian assistance should not be used as a bargaining chip.
  • The President reaffirmed his support for a two-state solution as essential for peace and stability in the region.
  • There has been no official response from Israel, but the plan has been widely reported by the Israeli media.
  • The pier will allow supply ships to bring aid closer to Gaza, which currently lacks a deep sea port.
  • Israeli security checks will take place in Cyprus, with US military personnel overseeing the operation offshore.
  • The construction of the causeway is estimated to take a month or two to complete.
  • This initiative comes amidst frustration with Israel’s response to calls for increased aid flow into Gaza.
  • Presently, aid is mostly entering Gaza through Egypt, after being flown in and passing through southern crossings.

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