Gaza Cancer Patients Denied Exit for Treatment Despite Authorized Lists

Cancer patients in Gaza are facing difficulties in accessing life-saving treatment due to restrictions at the Rafah Crossing to Egypt, despite being on authorized evacuation lists. An Egyptian company, Hela, is charging exorbitant fees for arranging evacuations, which are unaffordable for most. The BBC report highlights the disparity in the treatment of patients and the emergence of a profitable monopoly during the conflict. Some patients have been able to leave for treatment in Turkey, while others, like Sahm, have been inexplicably turned away at the border.

  • Cancer patients in Gaza are being denied exit through the Rafah Crossing for treatment despite appearing on authorized evacuation lists.
  • An Egyptian company is charging high fees for evacuations, which have become unaffordable for most patients.
  • Some patients have successfully traveled to Turkey for treatment, while others have been turned away without clear reasons.
  • Officials in Turkey have stated they are not involved in approving the exit of patients from Gaza and are willing to treat any patients they receive.
  • Since October 7th, only 600 cancer patients have been able to leave Gaza for treatment.
  • The Israeli Ministry of Defense claims there are no restrictions on the number of patients leaving Gaza for medical treatment.
  • Palestinian border authorities did not comment on specific cases of patients being denied exit.
  • A lucrative monopoly has emerged, with Hela charging up to $5,000 per person for expedited exit from Gaza, a fee significantly higher than the average annual salary in the region.
  • Additional payments of up to $4,000 have been reported to secure spots on evacuation lists.
  • Some individuals with political connections have managed to get on evacuation lists without payment.
  • Many patients without the financial means or connections, like Sahm, are left with no access to necessary medical treatments.

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