Spanish Parliament to Vote on Revised Amnesty Bill for Catalan Separatists

Today, the Spanish Parliament is set to vote on a revised amnesty bill that could impact over 300 Catalan nationalists facing legal repercussions from the failed 2017 bid for independence. If passed, it would remove pending legal charges against them, potentially allowing exiled figures such as Carles Puigdemont to return and participate in upcoming Catalan elections.

  • The Spanish Parliament is voting on an amnesty bill for Catalan separatists involved in the 2017 independence attempt.
  • The bill was initially rejected in January but has been revised to address legal concerns.
  • Over 300 Catalan nationalists could benefit from the amnesty, having their legal charges dropped.
  • Carles Puigdemont, the high-profile leader in exile, may return to Spain and run in the upcoming Catalan election on May 12th.
  • If the bill passes in Parliament, it will proceed to the Senate and then return to Congress for a final vote in mid-May.
  • The outcome of the vote could significantly impact Catalonia’s political landscape and the future of its separatist movement.

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