Ukraine’s “Peaky Blinders” Drone Squad: A Vital Defense Against Russian Advances in Kharkiv

In the midst of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, a drone squad known as the “Peaky Blinders,” named humorously after the British TV series due to their effectiveness and not their attire, is playing a crucial role in defending the city of Kharkiv against Russian forces. Utilizing drones, they have managed to slow Russia’s advance by targeting soldiers and equipment, despite the limitations placed on the use of Western-supplied weapons for strikes inside Russia. The squad’s efforts highlight both the ingenuity of Ukrainian forces in adapting to the constraints of their situation and the ongoing call for support from the West.

  • At least 12 people were killed and 43 others wounded after Russian forces hit a DIY store in Kharkiv, Ukraine, with two glide bombs.
  • Ukraine is urging the West to lift restrictions on the use of Western-supplied weapons to allow strikes inside Russia, to prevent similar attacks.
  • The NATO head has backed Ukraine’s call for lifting these restrictions.
  • Ukraine’s defense against the Russian advance heavily relies on artillery and drones, with drones being particularly effective.
  • The “Peaky Blinders” drone squad has been trained by Western special forces and has neutralized more than 100 Russian soldiers.
  • The squad also engages in seizing Russian rifles, showcasing their resourcefulness.
  • Despite their successes, there is recognition that the current efforts might not be sufficient to end the war, described as a stalemate that could last years or even decades.
  • Russian forces are also employing drones, which presents a challenge for Ukrainian forces, leading to a continuous tactical game of hide and seek.
  • Ukraine has managed to stabilize the situation at the front line but faces difficulty in pushing Russian forces back without the ability to target inside Russia.
  • The limitation on striking targets within Russia is seen as a significant hindrance to Ukraine’s defense strategy.
  • There is a strong determination within Ukraine to continue the fight, with hopes that the West will provide the necessary tools to achieve victory.

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