Israeli Airstrike in Rafah Kills at Least 45, Including Women and Children, Amid International Condemnation

An air strike near Rafah, reported by Palestinian officials, resulted in at least 45 casualties, including women and children, at a refugee camp. The Israeli government has stated that the strike was aimed at a Hamas compound and is investigating the possibility of a secondary fire causing civilian casualties. The attack has drawn international condemnation, with leaders from Egypt, France, and Qatar expressing outrage and concern over its impact on ceasefire efforts. The strike followed a rocket attack on Tel Aviv by Hamas, highlighting the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

  • An air strike near Rafah has killed at least 45 people, including women and children, at a refugee camp according to Palestinian officials.
  • The Israeli government claims the strike targeted a Hamas compound and is investigating a secondary fire as the potential cause of civilian casualties.
  • Palestinian President and Egypt condemn the strike, with the former describing it as a massacre targeting displaced people.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron and Qatar express outrage and concern, highlighting the strike’s potential to hinder ceasefire efforts.
  • Hamas’s rocket attack on Tel Aviv, intercepted by Israeli air defense systems, preceded the Rafah strike.
  • International condemnation has followed, with calls for Israel to adhere to an International Court of Justice order to halt military actions in Rafah.
  • Israeli drones surveyed the damage as survivors and victims’ families question the safety of what was believed to be a humanitarian zone.
  • The Israeli government spokesman emphasized the targeting of high-value Hamas figures and the ongoing investigation into the incident.
  • Representatives from the Norwegian Refugee Council and the United Nations express shock and reiterate the lack of safe spaces in Gaza.

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