Israel Continues Offensive in Gaza, Denies Targeting Displacement Camp Amid International Calls for Ceasefire

The ongoing Israeli military offensive in southern Gaza continues, amidst international calls for a halt to prevent further civilian casualties. The United States, having vetoed previous UN resolutions calling for a ceasefire, maintains that Israel’s actions in Rafah do not constitute a major ground operation, despite acknowledging the tragic loss of lives in recent strikes, including one on a displacement camp housing disabled persons which resulted in 21 deaths. Israel denies targeting the camp. Meanwhile, displaced residents of Rafah face uncertainty about where to find safety as Israeli air strikes and ground forces advance.

  • The Israeli military is continuing its offensive in southern Gaza, targeting Rafah.
  • The United States has vetoed previous UN resolutions calling for a ceasefire but acknowledges the tragic loss of civilian lives in recent strikes.
  • Israel denies firing on a displacement camp for disabled persons, which resulted in 21 deaths.
  • Displaced residents of Rafah are uncertain about where to find safety, with many fleeing north or to previously devastated areas like Khan Younis.
  • Israeli air strikes and ground forces have been reported to advance into the center of Rafah and along the Gaza-Egypt border.
  • The US is closely monitoring the situation, including a deadly strike on a tent camp in west Rafah that killed at least 45 Palestinians, while Israel argues the munitions used could not alone have caused such extensive damage and suggests secondary explosions from weapons stored by Palestinian armed groups might be to blame.
  • A proposed UN Security Council resolution, put forward by Algeria, calls for an end to the killing in Rafah.
  • More than 20 people were killed in fresh air strikes in Rafah, with over half of the victims being women.
  • Three European nations have officially recognized a Palestinian state amidst the escalating conflict.

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