Putin Asserts Russia Can Achieve Victory in Ukraine Without Nuclear Weapons, Doesn’t Rule Out Nuclear Tests

In a recent statement at an economic forum in St. Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that Russia would not need to resort to nuclear weapons to claim victory in Ukraine, although he did not dismiss the possibility of conducting a nuclear test. Amidst ongoing tactical nuclear drills near Ukraine’s border and threats of deploying conventional long-range missiles against Western targets, Putin’s comments reflect a complex stance on nuclear warfare and geopolitical tensions. Steve Rosenberg, the Russia editor for BBC News, highlights the mixed messages and the broader context of escalating tensions between Russia and the West.

  • President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia does not currently need to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, considering it not a situation that warrants such measures.
  • Putin did not rule out the possibility of Moscow conducting a nuclear test.
  • Russia has been conducting tactical nuclear drills near Ukraine’s border, hinting at its readiness to use nuclear capabilities.
  • Putin warned of the possibility of sending conventional long-range missiles to other countries for strikes on Western targets, in response to NATO allies allowing Ukraine to hit Russian territory with Western missiles.
  • The Russian President’s remarks came during an economic forum in St. Petersburg, amidst a backdrop of war in Ukraine and heightened tensions with the West.
  • Despite the ongoing conflict and geopolitical strife, the forum aimed to present a facade of business as usual in Russia.
  • Putin’s comments suggest a belief that in the standoff with the West, it will be the Western countries that ultimately back down.

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