Controversy Surrounds Inauguration of Ayodhya’s Ram Temple on Disputed Site



The inauguration of the Ram Mandir temple in Ayodhya, India, has become a focal point of controversy due to its historical and political implications. The temple, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP party present as a fulfillment of a long-standing promise, is built on a site where a 16th-century mosque stood until it was demolished in 1992, sparking deadly riots. As the city prepares for the inauguration, the event is seen by many as intertwined with the BJP’s Hindu nationalist agenda, particularly in an election year, with critics suggesting the timing is politically motivated.

  • The Ram Mandir temple in Ayodhya is set for inauguration, with Hindu devotees arriving for the event.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party, the BJP, is promoting the inauguration as a victory for Hindus.
  • The temple is built on the site of the former Babri Masjid, demolished in 1992, leading to widespread riots.
  • Locals have mixed feelings, with some Hindus feeling triumphant and some Muslims feeling marginalized.
  • While devotees focus on the religious aspect, critics view the event as politically charged, especially with elections looming.
  • Opposition parties have decided to boycott the inauguration, calling it a political stunt by the BJP to garner electoral support.
  • Modi’s government is accused of using the temple to solidify its base and push India towards a Hindu nationalist identity.
  • Some Hindu priests have boycotted the event, citing that inaugurating an unfinished temple goes against scriptural traditions.
  • Modi has been visiting temples across the country, which is seen as a strategy to appeal to Hindu voters in the south, where the BJP has less support.
  • The prime minister is also reported to be engaging in religious practices such as fasting to align himself with the temple inauguration.

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