German Parliament Commemorates Holocaust Victims with Survivor’s Testimony


Germany’s parliament recently held a commemoration for the victims of the Holocaust, featuring a poignant speech by Eva Szeisi, a survivor of the Auschwitz death camp. Szeisi, who was liberated at the age of 12, shared her harrowing journey from a happy childhood in Budapest to the horrors of Auschwitz, and her life post-liberation. Her testimony highlighted not only the personal trauma and loss experienced during the Holocaust but also addressed contemporary issues of anti-Semitism, the rise of right-wing extremism, and the importance of remembering and protecting democracy.
  • Eva Szeisi, a Holocaust survivor, spoke at Germany’s parliament during a commemoration for Holocaust victims, sharing her life story and experiences during the Holocaust.
  • She was born in Budapest and had a happy childhood until the introduction of the Nazi race laws in Hungary, which led to discrimination and persecution of Jews, including her family.
  • Szeisi was liberated by the Red Army on January 27, 1945, from Auschwitz, where she had been subjected to inhumane conditions, forced labor, and witnessed the deaths of many.
  • After being liberated, she returned to Budapest, only to learn that her family had not survived. She later married, moved to Germany, and started a family there.
  • For 50 years, Szeisi did not speak about her experiences, but later began to share her story, especially with students, to ensure that the horrors of the Holocaust are not forgotten.
  • She expressed concern over the rise of anti-Semitism and right-wing extremism in contemporary society, emphasizing the importance of remembering the Holocaust and standing against hate.
  • Szeisi highlighted the impact of the October 7 attack by Hamas, which targeted Jewish people, underscoring the ongoing relevance of her message against hatred and for human empathy.
  • She called for more humanity, empathy, and mutual respect in society, urging people not to be silent in the face of anti-Semitism and to protect democratic values.
  • The speech served as a powerful reminder of the importance of remembering past atrocities to prevent them from happening again, encapsulated in her message that “never again is now.”

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