German Corporation BASF Linked to Human Rights Abuses in China, Investigation Reveals


A German media investigation has accused a partner company of chemical giant BASF, Marco Chemical, of being involved in human rights abuses in China’s Xinjiang region. The allegations include the company’s participation in a campaign to monitor and indoctrinate the Uighur minority group, involving activities such as joining government teams to penetrate Uighur villages, monitoring so-called “focus households,” and potentially aiding in detentions into re-education camps. BASF, with a significant presence in China through joint ventures with Marco Chemical, has responded by distancing itself from the allegations, stating no evidence of forced labor or human rights violations in its joint ventures has been found. The report raises questions about the adequacy of corporate audits in preventing involvement in human rights abuses.
  • A German media investigation accuses Marco Chemical, a partner company of BASF, of human rights abuses in Xinjiang.
  • Activities include monitoring Uighur households and potentially assisting in detaining individuals into re-education camps.
  • BASF maintains two joint ventures with Marco Chemical in Xinjiang, emphasizing its strong and expanding presence in China.
  • BASF has responded to allegations, stating no evidence of forced labor or human rights violations has been found in its joint ventures.
  • The report highlights the challenges in conducting thorough audits and ensuring corporate responsibility in regions accused of human rights violations.
  • Human Rights Watch has also implicated other international companies, suggesting a double standard in human rights practices within Chinese operations.
  • Experts call for divestment from China to avoid complicity in forced labor and human rights abuses, citing the difficulty in ensuring ethical production within the country.
  • The EU is considering a new supply chain law aimed at punishing companies for environmental and human rights abuses, though it faces political hurdles.

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