US Warns Israel Against Planned Military Operation in Rafah, Citing Humanitarian Concerns



The United States has expressed its opposition to any potential Israeli military operations in Rafah, citing significant humanitarian concerns for the over one million civilians seeking refuge there. The White House, through spokesperson John Kirby, labeled such an action as a potential disaster. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has indicated the military’s intentions to target Hamas within Rafah, describing it as a stronghold for the group. The video highlights the severe conditions in Rafah, including the consequences of preliminary bombardments and the strategic significance of the city, both as a refuge for civilians and a logistical hub for Hamas.

  • The US has warned against Israeli plans for a major military operation in Rafah, emphasizing the potential humanitarian disaster for over one million civilians sheltering there.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated the necessity of targeting Hamas in Rafah to achieve what he describes as total victory over the group.
  • Rafah is described as a significant location for both civilians seeking refuge and as a strategic stronghold for Hamas, including tunnels used for arms supplies.
  • The preliminary bombardments by Israel have already caused significant casualties and destruction in Rafah, with reports of missiles hitting civilian areas.
  • The US has not detailed the steps it would take if Israel proceeds with the operation, but it has highlighted the severe humanitarian implications and the high death toll in Gaza.
  • There is ongoing debate in the US Senate over a foreign aid package, which includes security assistance for Israel and humanitarian aid for civilians affected by conflict, with potential amendments that could impact the use of US weapons in accordance with international humanitarian law.

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