Former NATO Commander Advocates for Increased Military Support and Time for Ukraine


In a recent discussion, a former NATO Commander emphasized the critical need for Ukraine to receive more military support, including artillery ammunition, training, and time to develop its forces. Highlighting the necessity of Western support both politically and economically, he stressed the importance of supplying Ukraine with modern aircraft, ballistic missiles, and other long-range weapons to ensure air superiority and the capability to strike targets deep within Russia. The conversation also touched on the challenges democratic governments face in mobilizing support for Ukraine amidst various domestic concerns and the broader implications for European security should Ukraine fail to receive the needed support.
  • Ukraine requires more military material, training, and time to develop its forces.
  • Support from the West is crucial for Ukraine’s defense efforts, including politically, economically, and militarily.
  • There is a need for several hundred modern aircraft and long-range weapons to ensure air superiority and the ability to strike deep into Russia.
  • The United States is urged to pass legislation for $60 billion in military assistance to Ukraine, much of which will benefit U.S. defense industries.
  • Ukraine’s military needs include long-range ATACMS missiles, F-16 squadrons, main battle tanks, Bradley Fighting Vehicles, more artillery, HIMARS launchers, and logistics replenishment.
  • There are concerns that supplying Ukraine with certain types of long-range weapons could actively involve Western countries in the war against Russia.
  • The conflict in Ukraine is seen as part of a larger struggle involving China, the Middle East, and Europe, with Ukraine defending against Russian aggression that threatens to extend beyond its borders.
  • There is a possibility of increased conflict in Europe if Ukraine does not receive adequate support, potentially requiring NATO countries to significantly increase their defense budgets.
  • Investments in defense are seen as beneficial for economic growth and technological development, in addition to providing security.

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