Ukrainian MP Discusses Declining Western Support and Urgent Need for Ammunition and Defense Aid


In a recent interview, a Ukrainian Member of Parliament, Alexandra Ustinova, expressed concerns about the waning support for Ukraine from Western countries amid ongoing conflict. She highlighted the critical shortage of ammunition and defense supplies, emphasizing the reliance on makeshift solutions such as handmade drones. Ustinova pointed out the challenges faced by the defense industries in ramping up production to meet wartime demands and the urgent need for financial support and military aid from countries like the United States and Germany. The conversation also touched on the strategic importance of advanced weaponry, such as German Taurus missiles, for Ukraine’s defense and the broader implications of the conflict on global democracy and security.
  • Support for Ukraine from Western countries is declining, impacting the country’s ability to sustain its defense efforts.
  • The United States has not passed a supplemental support package for Ukraine in the last five months, leading to a critical shortage of ammunition and defense equipment.
  • Ukraine has resorted to using mortars and handmade drones to compensate for the lack of artillery shells, which is insufficient for winning or even sustaining the war.
  • The defense industry’s production capabilities, designed for peacetime, are unable to meet the demands of war, resulting in depleted stockpiles of military supplies.
  • There is an urgent need for air defense systems, particularly interceptors, to protect Ukrainian cities from missile attacks.
  • Ukraine is at risk of losing more territory, including key cities, without increased support and military aid from Western countries.
  • Ukrainian forces have not used foreign-supplied weapons outside of Ukraine, adhering to agreements with international partners.
  • The potential impact of U.S. political changes on support for Ukraine was discussed, with a focus on the importance of continued aid regardless of the administration in power.
  • Ustinova warned that the fall of Ukraine could lead to broader conflict in Europe, drawing parallels to historical precedents of escalating warfare.
  • The interview emphasized the conflict as a battle between autocracies and democracies, with significant implications for global security and democratic values.

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