Report Reveals Volkswagen Subsidiary’s Business Links to Myanmar Military Amid Human Rights Concerns


A recent investigation reveals potential business connections between a Chinese truck manufacturer partly owned by Volkswagen’s subsidiary Traton, and Myanmar’s military junta, accused of human rights abuses and under sanctions by the EU and US. The report, titled “Faulty Transmission,” is a collaboration between C4ADS and Justice for Myanmar, highlighting the importance of thorough monitoring and accountability in corporate practices to ensure businesses uphold their commitments to avoid dealings with controversial entities.
  • A Chinese truck manufacturer, partially owned by Volkswagen’s subsidiary Traton, is allegedly involved in business with Myanmar’s military junta.
  • The report “Faulty Transmission” is a collaborative effort by C4ADS and Justice for Myanmar, stressing the need for accountability in corporate statements and actions.
  • Investigations utilize export and import data to trace trade relations, including sanctioned goods, revealing a trade relationship between the Chinese company and Myanmar’s military.
  • Trucks from the Chinese company were reportedly used by Myanmar’s military in operations against civilians and opposition forces, acting as the “logistical backbone.”
  • Trade data and human sourcing indicate direct business dealings between the Chinese manufacturer and Myanmar’s military, contradicting previous statements by Traton and its subsidiary.
  • The investigation reveals ongoing shipments of vehicles and parts to Myanmar’s military, even after public claims of ceased operations in the country.
  • EU member states recently agreed on a new law to enforce supply chain certification against environmental and human rights abuses, highlighting the importance of such investigations for transparency and accountability.
  • The report emphasizes the crucial role of corporate responsibility in preventing involvement in human rights violations and calls for Volkswagen’s subsidiary Traton to either actively use its investor power for change or withdraw from its partnership.

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