South Africa Holds Elections 30 Years After First Democratic Vote Post-Apartheid Era

South Africa is conducting elections three decades after its first democratic elections followed the end of the apartheid regime. The BBC’s special correspondent, Fergal Keane, revisits the nation to assess the changes since apartheid ended and the current state of affairs. Despite the enduring democracy and the ANC’s claims of progress, massive corruption and persistent poverty shadow the country’s advancements. The report shares a poignant story of Cynthia Mtebe, who once hoped for a better life post-apartheid but now lives in difficult conditions, encapsulating the struggles many South Africans still face.
  • South Africa is holding elections 30 years after its transition from apartheid to democracy.
  • The report highlights the enduring democracy in South Africa but points out the massive corruption and unfulfilled promises by the ruling ANC.
  • Cynthia Mtebe’s story is revisited; once hopeful for a better future, she now lives in poverty, illustrating the ongoing struggle of many South Africans.
  • Despite having a house built by her children, Cynthia lives without running water or reliable electricity, highlighting the infrastructural issues in rural areas.
  • The unemployment rate is high, with more than 30% of South Africans out of work, affecting Cynthia’s family directly.
  • South Africa is described as the world’s most unequal society, with the top 10% owning 86% of the wealth.
  • Land development plans exist, including housing for the poor, but progress is slow and the wait is long.
  • Many, including Cynthia, express disillusionment with the political process and choose not to vote.
  • The report conveys a mixed sense of progress and despair among the poor in South Africa, who continue to hold their families and country together amidst challenges.

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