At Least 35 Killed in Israeli Air Strike on Rafah, Says Hamas-Run Health Ministry



In a recent development, the Gaza-based Hamas-run Health Ministry reported that an Israeli air strike on Rafah resulted in at least 35 fatalities and numerous injuries. The strike targeted a compound used by Hamas, which Israel claims housed senior militants. This operation came in response to Hamas launching a series of long-range rockets into Israel, marking the first such attack since January. The incident has sparked discussions regarding the ongoing conflict, civilian casualties, and the military strategies of both parties involved.

  • At least 35 people were killed and dozens injured in an Israeli air strike on Rafah, according to the Hamas-run Health Ministry in Gaza.
  • Israel confirmed its military targeted a compound in Rafah, claiming it was used by Hamas militants and resulted in the death of two senior Hamas figures.
  • Earlier on the same day, Hamas fired a barrage of long-range rockets into Israel, the first such attack since January.
  • The area targeted, Tal Sultan in the west of Rafah Province, was believed to not only shelter senior Hamas officials but also displaced civilians.
  • Israeli military is investigating the strike, acknowledging the casualties among non-combatants.
  • Hamas has labeled the Israeli strike as a massacre, while Israel maintains it was a targeted operation against militant threats.
  • Reports suggest that Hamas still possesses a significant arsenal of rockets, including long-range types, in Rafah.
  • The ongoing conflict, now entering its eighth month, has seen strategies from both sides focusing on depleting the other’s military capabilities while unfortunately also affecting civilians.

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