Hamas Fires Long-Range Rockets at Israel from Gaza, Israeli Military Responds Amid Ongoing Conflict


Rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza, as reported by the Israeli military. This marks the first such occurrence since January, with the attacks originating from the southern Gaza city of Rafa. The Israeli forces had recently conducted an incursion in the area. At least eight rockets were intercepted, with air raid sirens triggering in Tel Aviv. Despite the damage to infrastructure, such as a school and a house to the north of Tel Aviv, no casualties have been reported. This escalation is part of the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, now in its eighth month, following terror attacks on October 7th. The international community, including the International Court of Justice, has called for a cessation of hostilities, but Israel vows to continue until Hamas is defeated. Amidst the violence, humanitarian aid is beginning to enter Gaza, providing some relief to the displaced and affected populations.
  • The Palestinian militant group Hamas has fired a barrage of long-range rockets from Gaza at Israel for the first time since January.
  • At least eight rockets were fired from the southern Gaza City of Rafa, with the Israeli military intercepting a number of these projectiles.
  • No casualties were reported, although the salvo of rockets caused damage to infrastructure, including a school and a house north of Tel Aviv.
  • The conflict between Israel and Hamas is now in its eighth month, initiated by terror attacks on October 7th.
  • The International Court of Justice has ordered Israel to stop its offensive in Gaza, but Israel plans to continue until Hamas is defeated.
  • Humanitarian aid has started entering Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing after a deal between the Egyptian and US presidents.
  • A total of 208 trucks are expected to cross into Gaza, although ongoing fighting makes it difficult to distribute the aid.
  • Aid workers face severe challenges due to ongoing military offensives, displacement, and attacks, with a significant increase in the need for aid and protection for aid workers highlighted.
  • Despite the challenges, 126 out of the 200 manifested trucks have entered Gaza, bringing much-needed relief to the affected populations.

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