Over 20 Politicians Assassinated Ahead of Mexico’s Largest Ever Elections



In the lead-up to Mexico’s largest ever general elections, the campaign has been marked by unprecedented violence, culminating in the assassination of over 20 political candidates. Among the latest incidents, mayoral candidate Alfredo Cabrera was fatally shot at a campaign rally in Guerrero. This surge in violence overshadows the electoral process where Mexicans will choose a new president, local lawmakers, mayors, and council members. Concerns are raised about the state of democracy in Mexico, with the current environment described as a criminal insurgency, and the upcoming election considered to be free but not fair due to uneven enforcement of electoral rules and targeted violence.

  • The campaign period for Mexico’s general elections ended with over 20 political candidates assassinated, highlighting an alarming level of violence.
  • Alfredo Cabrera, a mayoral candidate in Guerrero, was shot dead at a campaign rally, bringing the death toll of politicians in this campaign season to at least 24.
  • The upcoming election is set to be the biggest in Mexico’s history, with positions for a new president, local lawmakers, mayors, and council members up for grabs.
  • David F, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush and senior editor at the Atlantic, described the current situation in Mexico as dire, pointing to a return towards single-party rule and highlighting the last six years as the most violent in modern Mexican history.
  • The violence is characterized not just as ordinary crime but as a criminal insurgency, with gangs acting like governments, controlling territories, and extorting resources from the population.
  • The election is considered to be free but not fair, with unequal enforcement of electoral rules and higher violence in areas where the government is weaker, potentially impeding voters’ access to polling stations.
  • Concerns are raised about the erosion of Mexican democracy under President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with fears that the election could further consolidate power and diminish democratic institutions.
  • The relationship between former U.S. President Donald Trump and López Obrador is highlighted as functionally close, with agreements on migration and trade made at the expense of Mexican democratic integrity.
  • David F advises that Mexican democracy should be a priority in U.S. policy towards Mexico, emphasizing the importance of not just focusing on migration and trade but also on supporting democratic values and institutions.

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