Sweden’s Security Services Allege Iran Collaborates with Criminal Gangs to Target Israeli and Jewish Interests



Sweden’s security services have accused Iran of collaborating with criminal gangs within the country, including the recruitment of gang members and children, to target Jewish and Israeli interests. This operation is said to involve planning and attempting to carry out attacks against these interests on Swedish soil. Among the gangs implicated is the Foxtrot network, known for its violence and leadership conflicts resulting in multiple killings and leaders living in exile. The Swedish intelligence services’ announcement adds a serious dimension to the accusations, highlighting the complexity of gang operations and their potential ties to international state interests.

  • Sweden’s security services accuse Iran of working with Swedish criminal gangs to target Jewish and Israeli interests.
  • The Foxtrot network, a notably violent gang in Sweden, is mentioned as being involved in these activities.
  • Iran is said to be recruiting gang members, including children, to commit acts of violence within Sweden.
  • The Swedish intelligence services state that criminal networks in Sweden act as a proxy for Iran’s interests, particularly against states with which Iran is in conflict.
  • Journalist Diamont Salieu, specializing in gang violence, confirms the credibility of the Swedish intelligence service’s claims and notes the lack of surprise within criminal circles regarding these accusations.
  • Salieu also discusses the presence of gang leaders in countries that do not extradite criminals to Sweden, suggesting they maintain significant resources and connections within these states.
  • The escalation of gang violence in Sweden is partially attributed to failed integration, segregation, and decades of neglect by authorities in areas now experiencing heightened violence.
  • Comparisons are made to Germany, which, despite taking in many refugees and migrants, does not experience the same level of extreme violence involving child soldiers and bombings as seen in Sweden.

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