EU Allocates €210 Million to Mauritania in Effort to Curb Migration to Europe


The European Union has signed a €210 million deal with Mauritania, aimed at managing the flow of migrants through what is known as the Western African route, a popular path for migrants aiming to reach Europe. This agreement comes in response to the increasing number of irregular migrations to Europe, with Mauritania serving as a major transit hub. The news highlights the perilous journeys undertaken by migrants, including overcrowded and ill-equipped boats, and the various measures, both security and developmental, that have been implemented to curb this migration. Despite these efforts, experts argue that without expanding legal migration avenues, irregular migration will continue, potentially through alternative routes.
  • The EU has signed a €210 million deal with Mauritania to control migration through the Western African route.
  • Mauritania is a key transit country for migrants from various African nations trying to reach Europe.
  • Migrants face dangerous conditions, including overcrowded boats and threats from smugglers.
  • Despite the risks, many migrants, such as Laala from Mauritania, are determined to reach Europe for better living conditions.
  • Security measures and developmental programs have been implemented to reduce migration, but their success remains limited.
  • Experts suggest that increasing legal migration avenues is crucial to effectively manage migration flows.
  • The deal includes provisions for legal migration, such as student visas and circular migration schemes, but its impact may be limited.
  • Without significant changes to legal migration policies, migrants are likely to continue using irregular and dangerous routes to Europe.

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