Biden Compares Ukraine’s Struggle Against Russia to WWII, Emphasizes Defense of Democracy in D-Day Speech


In a recent address in France, U.S. President Joe Biden likened Ukraine’s ongoing conflict with Russia to the Allied forces’ battle against Nazi Germany during World War II. This comparison was made as Biden honored the bravery of American soldiers who fought in the D-Day invasion 80 years ago. His speech emphasized the importance of defending democracy against aggression, both abroad and domestically, and highlighted the current challenges faced by Ukraine in its war against Russia. This comes amid a divisive election race in the U.S. and a pledge of support for Ukraine, including a new military aid package announced by Biden.
  • Biden called on Americans to defend democracy from threats at home and abroad, using the D-Day battle as a historical parallel.
  • The speech was made at Pointe du Hoc in France, where American soldiers fought during the D-Day invasion.
  • Biden’s remarks followed a pledge of support for Ukraine amid its conflict with Russia, including a new $225 million aid package.
  • The address also touched on the divisive U.S. election race and indirectly referenced former President Donald Trump.
  • France has agreed to supply Mirage fighter jets and train Ukrainian pilots as part of a new military aid package.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is seeking more support for Ukraine, including efforts for a “fair peace.”
  • There are concerns about the timing and effectiveness of the Mirage fighter jets, given the ongoing Russian attacks.
  • Russia’s President Putin has warned of providing long-range weapons to allies to strike Western targets in response to NATO’s support for Ukraine.
  • European leaders and the U.S. have paid homage to WWII fighters, drawing parallels between the fight against Nazi Germany and the current situation in Ukraine.
  • NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg and other allied governments have reiterated that there are no plans to deploy forces to Ukraine.

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