Dozens Dead in Southern China Floods, More Heavy Rain Forecasted



Recent torrential rains in southern China have resulted in significant flooding, claiming dozens of lives and causing widespread destruction to homes, infrastructure, and crops. The national observatory has issued warnings for more heavy rainfall, exacerbating the already dire situation. Authorities are engaged in relief efforts and flood control measures to assist those affected. This flooding has been described as the worst since 1998, with some areas experiencing a once-in-a-century scale of disaster. The situation remains critical with ongoing rescue operations and concerns over potential waterborne diseases due to the standing water.

  • China’s national observatory warns of more torrential rain in southern China.
  • The recent heavy rains have led to landslides and floods, resulting in the deaths of dozens and extensive damage to homes, infrastructure, and crops.
  • Relief and flood control personnel are actively engaged in helping trapped residents.
  • The flooding has been described as the worst since 1998, with significant impact across many provinces in southern China.
  • Authorities are struggling with the scale of the disaster, exacerbated by more extreme weather conditions.
  • There are concerns that the death toll could rise, particularly in Guangdong Province, which has seen the majority of deaths.
  • Rescue teams face challenges due to the flooding affecting both urban and rural, mountainous areas.
  • Inclement weather continues to hamper rescue efforts, with heavy rain and high temperatures posing ongoing challenges.
  • Authorities are focusing on disinfection efforts to prevent the spike of waterborne diseases in areas with standing water.
  • Visiting German Economy Minister highlighted the importance of cooperation with China in achieving global climate goals, amidst China’s expansion of coal production for security reasons.

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