Anti-Far Right Rally Held in Paris Ahead of Legislative Elections, Highlighting Women’s Rights Concerns

As France approaches the first round of its legislative elections, an anti-far right rally has unfolded in downtown Paris, drawing particular attention to the concerns of many French women. Organized by a variety of feminist organizations and women’s groups, this demonstration, named “raising the alarm,” aims to highlight the perceived threats a far-right government could pose to women’s rights. Participants are voicing their worries over potential impacts on gender equality, sexism, sexual violence, and the funding of public services crucial to women’s rights.

  • The anti-far right rally took place in downtown Paris ahead of the legislative elections scheduled for June 30th.
  • Organized by feminist organizations and women’s groups, the demonstration is focused on uniting French women against the potential dangers of a far-right government.
  • Participants are concerned about the impact a far-right government could have on women’s rights, including gender equality, sexism, sexual violence, and the funding of essential public services.
  • The rally is a response to nationwide protests last weekend, where tens of thousands of French people demonstrated against the far right.
  • There is a particular worry about the potential cuts to public services like Family Planning, which defend women’s rights to their own bodies, and concerns about changes in employment rights for women.

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