Biden Announces Israel’s ‘Comprehensive’ Ceasefire Proposal to End Hostilities with Hamas

President Joe Biden has indicated that Israel is offering a ‘comprehensive’ new ceasefire deal to Hamas, aiming to end the hostilities in the Gaza Strip. This development, announced by Biden and detailed by FRANCE 24’s chief foreign editor Rob Parsons from Jerusalem, outlines a phased approach to achieve a complete cessation of hostilities, including the release of hostages and prisoners, withdrawal of Israeli troops, and the provision of aid to Gaza. This proposal, unprecedented in its direct involvement by the White House, seeks to bring both parties to the negotiating table amidst international pressure.

  • The ceasefire deal proposed by Israel and announced by Joe Biden involves a phased approach to end hostilities in the Gaza Strip.
  • Phase one of the deal includes the release of an agreed number of hostages and Palestinian prisoners, the return of people to their homes in Gaza, the supply of aid, and the withdrawal of Israeli troops from populated areas.
  • In phase two, Israel will withdraw all forces from Gaza, all hostages and an agreed number of Palestinian prisoners will be released, and hostilities will end.
  • Phase three involves US assistance in the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.
  • The proposal is presented as an Israeli initiative but announced by President Joe Biden, suggesting strong US backing and involvement.
  • There’s uncertainty regarding the response from both Israel and Hamas, with internal pressures within the Israeli government and doubts about Hamas’ position on the deal.
  • This development is seen as an extraordinary step towards resolving the conflict, but it raises questions about its feasibility and the willingness of both parties to comply.

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