President Biden Announces Israel’s New Ceasefire Proposal Aimed at Ending Gaza Conflict

President Joe Biden has announced a new proposal from Israel aimed at ending the ongoing war in Gaza. This comprehensive plan, which has been submitted to the Palestinian side, includes the withdrawal of Israeli troops from populated areas in Gaza and the release of Israeli hostages. President Biden highlighted the goal of achieving not just a temporary ceasefire but a durable end to the conflict, emphasizing the need for a future that ensures Israel’s security, the return of all hostages, and a political settlement beneficial to both Israelis and Palestinians. The proposal mirrors a three-phase plan similar to one previously suggested by Egypt, acting as a mediator in the negotiations.
  • President Biden announced a new Israeli proposal to end the war in Gaza, including troop withdrawals and the release of hostages.
  • The proposal aims for a durable end to the conflict, ensuring Israel’s security and a better future for both Israelis and Palestinians.
  • The plan is similar to an earlier proposal by Egypt and involves a three-phase approach including a ceasefire and negotiations for a permanent ceasefire.
  • Hamas has previously stated it would not engage in negotiations until after the war’s end, while Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has opposed a permanent ceasefire before achieving the goals of the war.
  • The proposal has been presented to Hamas by Qatar, acting as a mediator.
  • Reactions from Hamas and Israeli officials are awaited, especially in light of the Jewish holiday which may delay responses.
  • The Israeli Prime Minister’s office has stated that the Gaza war will not end until all goals, including the destruction of Hamas and the return of all hostages, are achieved.

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