Trump Convicted on All Charges, Biden Allows U.S. Missiles Against Targets in Russia, and Haiti Selects New Prime Minister Amid Crisis

In this week’s news update, former President Donald Trump has been convicted on all 34 charges in the so-called hush money trial, marking a historic moment as he becomes the first former president convicted of a criminal offense. Meanwhile, the conflict in Ukraine sees a change in the rules of engagement, with President Biden allowing American missiles to be used against Russian military targets in Russian territory, escalating tensions. In Haiti, Gary Con was selected by the transitional council as the new prime minister, tasked with addressing the country’s crisis and gang violence. Additionally, global attention turns to Rafah amidst ongoing conflict and humanitarian concerns, with a notable shift in U.S. policy regarding Israel’s offensive actions in the area.
  • Donald Trump convicted on all 34 charges in hush money trial, describes the case as rigged.
  • Change in rules of engagement in Ukraine, allowing American missiles to be used against Russian military targets.
  • Gary Con selected as new prime minister of Haiti by transitional council, aims to address crisis and gang violence.
  • Global focus on Rafah as conflict continues, with a shift in U.S. policy on Israel’s offensive actions.
  • President Biden’s administration faces challenges in managing international relations and domestic policy amidst these developments.

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