Housing Crisis Dominates Irish Voter Concerns in European Elections

In the upcoming European elections, the housing crisis emerges as the primary concern for Irish voters, as highlighted by a France 24 English report. The video features the story of Neeve, a 28-year-old considering immigration due to unaffordable housing, reflecting the broader issue affecting many under 30s in Ireland. With soaring property prices across both rural areas and cities, political parties are advocating for increased construction and housing reforms. The segment also introduces Rory Hearn, a university professor and EU election candidate, who criticizes current policies and suggests the European Central Bank could play a more significant role in alleviating the crisis. The government’s Housing Commission has recognized the need for a “radical strategic reset” to address the deficit of over 250,000 homes and prioritize affordable housing for first-time buyers.

  • Two-thirds of Irish individuals under 30 still live with their parents due to the housing crisis.
  • Many, like Neeve, are contemplating immigration as a solution to the unaffordable housing market.
  • Political parties, recognizing the crisis, campaign on promises of increased construction and housing reforms.
  • Fine Gael, part of the Renew Europe group and currently in power, advocates for a new European strategy and the creation of a committee for housing reforms and investments.
  • Rory Hearn, representing the Social Democrats in the EU elections, criticizes the high rents charged by developments financed by foreign funds and points out the adverse effects of high interest rates on housing affordability.
  • The government’s Housing Commission has highlighted a significant home deficit in Ireland, calling for a “radical strategic reset” with a focus on affordable housing for first-time buyers.

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