Discovery of Mass Graves at Gaza’s Largest Hospital Spurs International Calls for War Crimes Investigation

Recent developments in the Israel-Gaza conflict have led to significant diplomatic efforts aimed at negotiating a ceasefire, with high-level officials from the United States, Egypt, and Qatar meeting in Doha. Amidst this backdrop, the aftermath of Israeli operations in Gaza has come to light, particularly at the Al-Shifa hospital, Gaza’s largest medical facility, which was heavily damaged in Israeli raids. Rescue workers have unearthed mass graves at the site, prompting international calls for an investigation into potential war crimes. The discovery includes the bodies of women, children, and severely mutilated victims, raising serious concerns about the conduct of the conflict and the impact on civilians.

  • High-level security officials from the United States, Egypt, and Qatar are meeting in Doha to discuss a ceasefire in Gaza.
  • Hamas demands a permanent ceasefire and an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza as conditions for any agreement.
  • Israeli forces launched a new operation in the Bour refugee camp and continued offensives in Rafa, with the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City being a focal point of multiple raids.
  • Mass graves containing hundreds of bodies have been discovered at Al-Shifa hospital, leading to calls for an investigation into possible war crimes.
  • Reports from the site include findings of bodies of women, children, and individuals with severe mutilations.
  • Israel’s military asserts that the exhumed bodies were previously buried by Palestinians as they searched for hostages taken by Hamas, and blames any patient deaths on natural causes.
  • The World Health Organization highlighted the dire conditions endured by those trapped in the hospital, with 20 patients dying due to lack of oxygen, proper medication, and adequate food and water.
  • Palestinian gunmen were allegedly based inside Al-Shifa, with Israel claiming to have killed over 200 Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives there.
  • Witnesses reported that many civilians, including entire families, were killed by Israeli air strikes and snipers during the raid on Al-Shifa.
  • International forensic experts have been unable to access the site, complicating efforts to uncover the full truth of the events at Al-Shifa.

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