Modi Set to Return as India’s Prime Minister for a Third Term Amid Coalition Negotiations

In a significant development in Indian politics, Narendra Modi is set to return as Prime Minister for a record third term, despite his BJP party not securing an outright majority. Modi, who resigned earlier today, is expected to form a new government with the support of allies, though negotiations for key positions remain contentious. While Modi’s return was unexpected by pollsters, it marks a pivotal moment for Indian politics, with the opposition consolidating and civil society expressing hope for greater democratic freedoms.

  • Narendra Modi is expected to return as Prime Minister of India for a third term.
  • The BJP party, led by Modi, lacks an outright majority and will need the support of allies to form the government.
  • Modi resigned from his position earlier today and is now in the process of claiming the mandate to form a new government.
  • There is ongoing negotiation with allies over the allocation of key governmental positions.
  • Despite the challenges, Modi is expected to take oath as early as Saturday.
  • This election did not align with pollster predictions, leading to mixed reactions from the stock market and society at large.
  • The stock market experienced significant volatility throughout the week, reflecting the political uncertainty.
  • For the first time in a decade, Indian Parliament will have an official leader of the opposition, marking a significant shift in the political landscape.
  • There are concerns and hopes among civil society regarding the potential for greater democratic freedoms and the expression of diverse opinions under the new government.

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