Israeli Army Utilizes Medieval Weapons in Conflict with Hezbollah, Including Trebuchets and Bows

In a recent development, reports have emerged about the Israeli Army utilizing medieval weaponry, including trebuchets and bows and arrows, to launch fire munitions into southern Lebanon. This unconventional military tactic has stirred discussions and raised questions about the reasons behind the use of such ancient methods in modern warfare. The actions aim at igniting fires across the border, with implications on Lebanon’s agricultural landscape and civilian safety. The information, confirmed by IDF spokespersons and various reports, highlights a unique approach in the ongoing tensions between Israel and Hezbollah.

  • A video circulated online shows the Israeli Army using a trebuchet, a medieval catapult, to launch fire munitions into southern Lebanon.
  • Israeli soldiers have also been recorded using bows and arrows to ignite fires across the Lebanese border.
  • The IDF has acknowledged the use of these medieval weapons as a local initiative and not a widely used tactic.
  • The use of trebuchets and bows and arrows by the Israeli military is aimed at disrupting Hezbollah’s use of trees and plants for cover along Israel’s border with Lebanon.
  • Attempts were made to use modern technologies, such as drones and controversial white phosphorus munitions, before resorting to these ancient methods.
  • Human Rights Watch has reported that Israel’s use of white phosphorus in southern Lebanon has put civilians at risk and contributed to displacement, affecting at least 17 municipalities since October 2023.
  • The strategy of setting fire to Lebanon’s agricultural areas has been described as an effort to eliminate Hezbollah’s concealment tactics, but it has also led to significant agricultural damage, with the outgoing Lebanese prime minister declaring southern Lebanon an agricultural disaster zone.

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