Delhi Records Hottest June Night, Hospitals See Surge in Heatstroke Patients

Delhi, the capital of India, has recorded its hottest June night ever, with temperatures soaring 6 degrees above normal. This extreme heatwave has led to an increase in heat stroke cases, particularly affecting day laborers and the elderly. A government hospital in central Delhi has witnessed a significant rise in patients suffering from heatstroke, prompting the establishment of a dedicated heat stroke unit equipped with large baths and ice-making machines to rapidly cool down patients’ body temperatures. The severity of the situation is underscored by the report of multiple organ failure in patients with body temperatures reaching as high as 110°, highlighting the dangerous impact of such unprecedented heat levels.

  • Delhi experienced its hottest ever June night, with temperatures rising 6 degrees above normal.
  • A government hospital in central Delhi reported treating 46 patients for heat stroke this month.
  • Day laborers and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to the high temperatures.
  • The hospital has created a dedicated heat stroke unit equipped with cooling facilities.
  • One patient recorded a body temperature of 110°, leading to the risk of multiple organ failure.
  • In just two days, the hospital saw about two dozen heat stroke patients, five of whom died.
  • The heatwave is a nationwide concern, affecting multiple regions across India.

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