Report Alleges Hezbollah Using Beirut Airport for Storing Weapons, Lebanese Officials Deny Claims

Recent reports have highlighted allegations that Beirut’s main civilian airport is being used by Hezbollah to store and transit Iranian-made weapons, including missiles and explosive materials. These claims, originating from a UK Telegraph newspaper investigation citing whistleblowers, suggest the airport has received a significant cache of weapons intended for use against the IDF. Lebanese officials have refuted these allegations, inviting foreign media and ambassadors to inspect the airport facilities to verify safety and non-involvement in weapon storage. The situation unfolds amidst increased tensions and cross-border skirmishes between Hezbollah and Israel, with concerns over a potential escalation into full-scale conflict.

  • Beirut Airport is alleged to be used by Hezbollah for storing and transiting Iranian-made weapons, including Fajr artillery rockets, Fateh short-range missiles, M600 long-range ballistic missiles, and other explosive materials.
  • The allegations were reported by the UK Telegraph newspaper, citing whistleblower accounts.
  • Lebanese officials have denied these claims, with the Public Works and Transport Minister dismissing the allegations as “ridiculous” and asserting the airport’s safety.
  • Foreign media and ambassadors are invited to inspect the airport’s facilities to ensure there are no weapons stored, echoing a similar response to past allegations.
  • Increased tensions and cross-border skirmishes have been reported between Hezbollah and Israel, raising concerns about a possible escalation into a full-scale conflict.
  • UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that one rash move could trigger a catastrophic full-frontal war between Hezbollah and the IDF.
  • Hezbollah has conducted at least three drone attacks into Israeli territory, targeting military sites, with Israel claiming to have intercepted the UAVs.
  • Despite these incidents, there have been no reports of deep Israeli airstrikes into southern Lebanon or other areas of Lebanon at the time of the report.

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