Exploring the Legacy of Ozu Yasujiro Through Tokyo’s Iconic Tonkatsu Restaurant

The NHK WORLD-JAPAN NEWS channel has released a video exploring the continuing legacy of Ozu Yasujiro, a cinema legend, through the lens of his favorite tonkatsu restaurant in Tokyo. The video showcases an art museum exhibition dedicated to Ozu’s films and delves into the story of Horai, a tonkatsu restaurant that Ozu frequented, and its current owner, Yamaoka, who inherited the establishment from the original owners. The video highlights how the traditions of the restaurant and the memories of Ozu’s patronage continue to resonate with long-time customers and the current owner.

  • An art museum near Tokyo is exhibiting over 130 items related to Ozu Yasujiro’s movies, including props and dishware the director chose himself.
  • Ozu’s art vision is highlighted through drawings and replicas of a restaurant signboard from his last film “An Autumn Afternoon.”
  • Ozu was a regular at Horai, a tonkatsu restaurant in Tokyo, visiting it approximately 40 times over 45 years.
  • In “An Autumn Afternoon,” actors eat tonkatsu provided by Horai, and the sequence was shot on a set resembling the restaurant.
  • Horai’s special double-fried tonkatsu recipe has remained unchanged since Ozu’s time.
  • The restaurant’s former owners adopted Yamaoka, an immigrant from China, who inherited Horai after their passing.
  • Yamaoka faced challenges when she first took over the restaurant, including questions about a Chinese person running a traditional Japanese establishment.
  • The current chef, Jang, also an immigrant from China, continues to prepare tonkatsu using the traditional method that requires years of practice.
  • Regular customers express their appreciation for the consistent taste and quality of Horai’s tonkatsu, which has been a staple for decades.
  • Yamaoka feels a responsibility to the restaurant’s legacy, her late adoptive parents, and the customers, including honoring Ozu’s memory as a loyal patron.

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