WSJ Analysis: Emerging Split Among GOP Voters Over Trump’s 2024 Candidacy

The recent analysis by The Wall Street Journal delves into a growing divide within the Republican electorate, with a focus on those who are resistant to supporting Donald Trump despite his early primary wins. Data shows that a significant segment of Republican voters, particularly those with higher education and income levels, are more suburban, and care more about issues like foreign policy, healthcare, and abortion, may not support Trump if he becomes the nominee. This demographic appears less concerned with immigration and more in favor of continuing aid to Ukraine. The divide also extends to perceptions of Trump’s actions and the legitimacy of the 2020 election results, potentially posing a challenge for Trump in the general election should he secure the nomination.

  • Donald Trump has secured early primary wins but faces resistance from nearly half of primary voters.
  • Non-Trump voters are more likely to have college degrees and higher incomes, and tend to be more suburban.
  • Non-Trump voters prioritize different issues, such as foreign policy and domestic issues like abortion and healthcare, over immigration.
  • There is a split in perception of Trump’s actions and the legitimacy of the 2020 election results between his supporters and non-supporters.
  • Trump’s rhetoric and behavior do not show an effort to reach out to voters who do not believe the election was stolen.
  • The potential lack of support from non-Trump voters could pose a challenge in the general election, similar to what was observed in 2020.
  • In Iowa and New Hampshire, only 80% of Republicans said they would vote for Trump if he were the nominee, signaling a possible decline in base support.

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