Jennifer Crumbley Testifies in Own Trial, Denies Foreseeing Son’s School Shooting

Jennifer Crumbley, the mother of Ethan Crumbley who killed four students at a Michigan high school in 2021, testified at her own trial, facing manslaughter charges. She shifted the responsibility onto her husband, claiming ignorance of her son’s mental health decline and stating she could not have foreseen the shooting, despite prosecutors’ allegations that she neglected warning signs.

  • Jennifer Crumbley is the first parent in the US to face a manslaughter trial for a mass shooting carried out by their child.
  • Ethan Crumbley, who was 15 at the time of the shooting, is now serving a life sentence without parole.
  • He was given a 9mm handgun by his parents just days before the massacre, which he used in the shooting.
  • Jennifer testified that her husband was the one who purchased the gun for use at a shooting range.
  • Prosecutors allege that Jennifer Crumbley ignored signs of her son’s deteriorating mental health.
  • On the morning of the shooting, the Crumbleys were called to the school over concerning drawings made by their son but did not take him home.
  • Jennifer Crumbley claims she thought her son was “just messing around” when he mentioned seeing demons.
  • She denies all allegations of involuntary manslaughter.
  • James Crumbley, Jennifer’s husband, will be tried separately.

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