US and UK Conduct Air Strikes on Houthi Targets in Yemen in Response to Red Sea Attacks

Recent US and UK airstrikes in Yemen targeting Houthi positions have been met with international criticism and vows of heavy retaliation by the Houthis. The strikes were a response to Houthi attacks on shipping in the Red Sea and aimed at military infrastructure, including command centers and munitions depots. The military action coincides with a period of heightened tension in the Middle East, especially regarding the conflict in Gaza, with the Houthis claiming their actions support the Palestinians and are aimed at Israel’s allies.

  • US and UK forces conducted airstrikes on Houthi targets in Yemen.
  • The Houthis warned the US and UK would “pay a heavy price” for the attacks.
  • International criticism of the strikes came from Russia, Turkey, and Iran.
  • Four Royal Air Force Typhoon jets and US Navy jets participated in the raids.
  • The British Prime Minister described the strikes as “necessary and proportionate.”
  • 16 sites were targeted, including areas in the capital city of Sanaa.
  • The airstrikes were in response to Houthi attacks on ships in the Red Sea.
  • Houthis plan to continue targeting ships associated with Israel.
  • Massive rally in Sanaa against the airstrikes and in support of Palestinians.
  • The airstrikes are intended to enforce Western red lines and address breaches of international law.
  • Iran is noted as providing training and weapons to the Houthis.
  • The strikes are seen as linked to events in Gaza, signaling an escalation in the Middle Eastern crisis.

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