Jerusalem Armenian Community Contests Land Deal Threatening Quarter Ownership

In Jerusalem, the Armenian Christian community is currently embroiled in a contentious dispute over a land deal with an Israeli developer, which threatens to strip them of 25% of their property in the Old City. As they celebrate Christmas, which falls at a different time for them, they have been staging a sit-in protest for two months, guarding the land around the clock. This dispute centers around a secretive agreement signed by their Church leader, which could result in the loss of homes, a seminary, and substantial portions of their property. The Armenians, who have been in the city since the 4th century, are now challenging the deal in Israeli court amidst concerns of encroaching settlements which are seen as illegal under international law.

  • The Armenian Christian community in Jerusalem is protesting a real estate deal that risks their ownership of 25% of their land in the Old City.
  • The community has been holding a sit-in for two months, after discovering their Church leader had secretly signed the deal with a Jewish Israeli developer.
  • The land in dispute includes a car park that is highly valuable due to its religious significance.
  • Activists fear the loss of Armenian homes, a seminary, and other properties which they believe are being threatened by the deal.
  • Jewish settlements in the Old City are considered illegal under international law, and settler groups are accused of aiming to take over more land, potentially in connection with the Armenian property deal.
  • The Armenians have initiated a legal challenge in an Israeli court to retain their land, expecting a lengthy struggle.

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