US and UK Resume Airstrikes Against Houthis in Yemen; US Navy Seals Declared Deceased

US and UK military forces have launched new airstrikes against the Houthi forces in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, according to US officials. The operation involved US jets from the carrier Eisenhower. The announcement comes amid reports of the deaths of two US Navy SEALs who went missing during a mission near Somalia and injuries sustained by military personnel at the al-Assad airbase in Iraq. The situation highlights increasing military engagements and the potential implications for international shipping through the Red Sea and the Suez Canal.

  • US and UK forces have carried out fresh airstrikes in Yemen’s capital against Houthi forces.
  • US jets from the carrier Eisenhower were used in the strikes.
  • Two US Navy SEALs who went missing during a mission near Somalia have been declared deceased by US Central Command.
  • Two military personnel were seriously injured in strikes on the al-Assad airbase in Iraq.
  • There have been over 140 strikes on US military bases and installations since October 7th.
  • US bipartisan consensus criticizes the deployment of American troops abroad and questions the lack of Congressional approval for military actions.
  • The situation could affect the peace plan in Yemen and international maritime routes through the Red Sea and Suez Canal.
  • Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been active in Washington, supporting American government positions on various issues.
  • The UK aims to support the US, with both nations’ interests tied to the stability of the Red Sea region.
  • The Houthis are aware that the US is the primary decision-maker in the conflict.

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