Reunited After Decades: Twins Separated at Birth Discover Each Other and Their Birth Mother Through Social Media

In a revealing report, it has come to light that thousands of individuals in Georgia were stolen from their biological parents at birth and sold for adoption in a black market that operated from the late 1970s until the mid-2000s. Victims are now seeking justice through the Georgian courts, aiming to obtain their birth records and locate their biological families. A striking case is that of twins Amy and Ano, who were separated at birth and only discovered each other’s existence through a TikTok video. A Facebook group and the efforts of a Georgian journalist have unearthed this historic scandal involving tens of thousands of trafficked babies.

  • Thousands of individuals in Georgia discovered they were stolen at birth and sold for adoption in a black market.
  • The baby trafficking network is believed to have operated from the late 1970s to the mid-2000s.
  • Victims are seeking access to birth documents through the Georgian courts to trace their biological families.
  • Twins Amy and Ano were reunited with their birth mother after being separated and illegally adopted at birth.
  • The twins discovered each other after one of them posted a TikTok video, which the other twin saw.
  • A Facebook group with over 230,000 members is dedicated to helping people find their stolen children or parents.
  • Georgian journalist and human rights lawyer are working together to expose the scandal and bring justice.
  • The illegal adoption network was sophisticated, involving criminals and corrupt doctors across Georgia.
  • While some cases may go to court, the government’s investigation has not yet led to any arrests.
  • The full documentary “Betrayal at Birth: Georgia’s Stolen Children” is available on the BBC World Service YouTube channel.

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