Dermatologists Raise Alarm Over Children Using Adult Skincare Products Containing Harsh Ingredients

Concerns are being raised about the increasing use of adult skincare products by children in the UK, influenced by social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. Dermatologists warn that ingredients like exfoliating acids and retinols, found in anti-aging products, are unsuitable and potentially harmful to young skin. Despite this, these products are readily available and often purchased by parents, highlighting the need for greater awareness and retailer responsibility in preventing their misuse by children.

  • UK dermatologists express concern over children using adult skincare products containing active ingredients like exfoliating acids.
  • Children as young as eight are being influenced by social media influencers to use these products.
  • There is no age limit on purchasing these skincare items, which are widely available in stores.
  • Parents are often the ones buying these products for their children, making it difficult to control their usage.
  • The most popular skincare brands among young people include products with potentially harmful ingredients for young skin.
  • Drunk Elephant, a popular brand, advises kids and teens to avoid their more potent products containing acids and retinols.
  • Parents like Lucy are concerned about the premature end of childhood due to skincare usage and are calling for action from retailers and brands.
  • Abby and her daughter Matilda speak about the need for family education on the ingredients and their effects on young skin.
  • Matilda and her friends engage in skincare routines together, highlighting a trend among young girls.
  • Consumers, particularly young girls, are encouraged to read product labels and seek guidance from knowledgeable adults or store workers before making purchases.

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