Israeli Forces Kill Three Palestinians in Undercover West Bank Hospital Raid

Three Palestinian men were killed during an undercover Israeli military operation at the IM Sinai Hospital in Janine, located in the occupied West Bank. Israeli forces, some reportedly disguised as medical staff and Palestinian women, targeted members of an armed cell alleged to have been planning imminent attacks. The Palestinian Authority confirmed the deaths, while Hamas and Islamic Jihad acknowledged the deceased as their members. This incident highlights the escalating violence in the West Bank, which has reached levels not seen since the second Palestinian uprising.

  • Israeli military operation killed three Palestinians in the IM Sinai Hospital in the West Bank.
  • Israeli forces were disguised as medical personnel and Palestinian women.
  • The targeted individuals were suspected of planning an imminent attack.
  • Muhammad Jalum, one of the deceased, was reportedly receiving treatment following a drone strike.
  • Hamas and Islamic Jihad recognized the individuals as their members.
  • The violence in the West Bank has significantly increased, reaching a peak not observed since the second Palestinian uprising.
  • There are ongoing talks to deescalate tensions and secure a long-term ceasefire, mediated primarily by Qatar.
  • The recent drone strike that killed three American troops in Jordan is reported to have involved an Iranian-made drone, escalating tensions in the region.

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